Carrie Underwood wasn't involved in every performance during Thursday night's (Dec. 5) real-time theatrical broadcast of 'The Sound of Music Live!' on NBC, but she definitely carried the bulk of the singing. While some were critical of her acting, few can complain about her vocal performances. Each one was a brilliant interpretation that stayed true to the original score, but avoiding sounding like Broadway karaoke. Her Top 5 songs include solo moments, plus collaborations with others in the show's cast.

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    'Something Good'

    Underwood's duet with Stephen Moyer came after the two finally gave in to their love for one another. The pair didn't have great onscreen chemistry, so it was somewhat difficult to embrace their romance. But the vocals were flawless, and the lyrics -- beautiful!

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    'The Sound of Music'

    We meet Underwood's Maria when she reveals herself from behind a tree on a mountain, her mountain, early in the musical. There were a few nerves to work through early on, but the singer had no trouble making this song her own.

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    Maria teaches the von Trapp children to sing with this song. She's aided by the seven adorable singers, each with a unique personality and sense of humor, but the performance is still very much her performance. The Oklahoman seemed at ease with the children nearby.

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    'My Favorite Things'

    Audra McDonald's Mother Abbess was the only character to come away from this production with little criticism. 'Climb Every Mountain' was her standout performance, but her duet with Maria was also charming. The scene created some early momentum for the three-hour musical.

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    'The Lonely Goatherd'

    After finishing 'The Lonely Goatherd' with the von Trapp children, Underwood must have walked off stage high-fiving her tiny (except for Liesl) castmates. They nailed it. The performance was adorable, and Underwood's vocals pristine. This couldn't have been an easy song for a vocalist like Underwood. Her voice is deeper than most who tackle the lilting yodel. But she had no problem bringing those notes to Earth.

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