Going behind the scenes of Carly Pearce's "Closer to You" is really going behind the scenes of her relationship with Michael Ray.

"I immediately heard it and could identify with where I'm at in my life," Pearce tells the camera in the behind-the-scenes clip. "Closer to You" is her latest single, and it came at a perfect time — she and fellow singer Michael Ray got engaged during the 2018 holiday season.

"I fell in love last year and it's been just a really really amazing feeling to kind of experience, honestly, at this caliber the one time I will in my life," she says. "We both travel for a living and I think that so many people can relate to just that feeling of wanting to be so close to that person that you love. Instantly when I heard this song, I thought of that person."

How Did Carly Pearce and Michael Ray Get Together, Anyway?

The "Closer to You" behind-the-scenes video gives fans a look at the sets where she filmed, but also those with cute moments with her fiance.

"This song is a lot like our lives, we're constantly on the go and don't get a lot of time together so we make the time we do get we take a lot, it means a lot," Ray says in a more intimate moment with his bride-to-be.

Near the end of the clip and filming, Pearce joked that it was past her bedtime, but shared that Ray stayed for the full shoot even though he was no longer needed. She snuggled up to him on her breaks and appreciated every second of getting closer to him.

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