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A dog that was lost in a fiery semi accident in Iowa is now getting a happy ending.

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According to KCCI, Ray Kornelsen was driving a semi-truck from Canada to Texas when his truck collided with another semi on Highway 2 in southwest Iowa. Ray truck caught on fire. In the chaos of trying to escape, Ray tossed his dog Dobby out of the cab.

The crash must've scared Dobby off because Ray was unable to find her after escaping the truck and went back to Canada without his beloved pup. Although he's thankful to be alive, he and his family were still worried about Dobby.

KCCI reports that Kornelsen's family put out calls to rescues in Iowa and Nebraska searching for Dobby. Communities in each state joined the search. Finally, Tessa Schoville and her mom found Dobby "near a storage unit, frightened, and covered with ticks," near Percival, Iowa. Luckily, they were able to get her on a leash and now she's gearing up to head back home.

Dobby is currently being cared for by an emergency medical technician until Ray comes to bring her home. It's the perfect ending to an unfortunate circumstance. We're so glad everyone is ok and Dobby will be back home safely with her family in Canada soon.

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