First, let me start by saying that I am by no means an expert on auto repairs. I have a trusted place that I take our vehicles when something is wrong. Heck, sometimes when something minor is wrong! But with car prices skyrocketing, many people are looking to keep their used vehicles longer. If that is the case, you might want to learn to do some of those simple car repairs yourself! Don't think you can do it? Below are ten common car repairs that many of you can do on your own, and I've even accomplished several of them!

A new survey at YouGov asked people what car repairs that they can do themselves. Here are the ten that people say they've done without the help of a mechanic.

  • Install new windshield wipers - Just look up which type you need for your vehicle make and model, and you're set. Most come with adapters to fit most cars.
  • Add wiper fluid - This one should be simple. Find the reservoir where the fluid needs to go, and carefully pour in.
  • Change your own oil - I'll admit, I don't change mine, but if you do, you're saving money every 3,000 miles!
  • Install a new battery - Depending on how deep yours is buried, this could be as simple as a few bolts, and then hooking up the new one.
  • Change your air filter - If you can locate it, you can easily change.
  • Change a flat tire - No, it's not fun to do when you're on the side of the road, but as long as you can get your lug nuts loosened, and your jack works, you should be able to do this.
  • Replace a headlight - I learned how to do this recently with headlights and other lights. The bulbs are usually affordable, depending on your model.
  • Replace a spark plug - If they aren't tough to get to, all you'll need is a spark plug wrench.
  • Change a fuse - Once again, if you can get to the fuse panel, they aren't hard to switch out.
  • Replace a side mirror - Sorry, I'd save this for the body shop.

So how many have you done? My score? I've done six and had help with a couple of them. If you aren't sure, check out YouTube. I've learned how to do numerous car related fixes there, just search for your specific vehicle type!

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