I tuned in last night to watch my Green Bay Packers play their first preseason game. Yes, they won. But it doesn't matter. It's the preseason. Let me repeat that. Preseason wins do...not...matter. Don't believe me? Ask the Detriot Lions who won all 4 of their preseason games several years ago. They then went on to lose all 16 regular season games. So if your favorite teams loses in the preseason, it's OK. There are some other things to consider.

The real 'win' in any preseason game is getting out without any major injuries. It made me nervous last night to watch Aaron Rodgers play the entire 1st quarter against the Patriots. One sack, one scramble, one bad hit and the season is over before it starts. If your team doesn't lose any stars to injuries in the preseason it's a 'win'.

The other benefit is to build depth behind your starters. Injuries happen in the NFL. Every team will experience them. Getting playing time in the preseason for the guys that will replace them is crucial. Snaps for the backup QB, carries for the 3rd string running back and so forth. Those players could be depended upon if a starter goes down.

So before you go and spout off about how your team won it's preseason opener or made another team look bad, calm down. The games that count start in September, and real fans know that.

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