I don't know if this is making candy corn better, or even worse...

Now that we're transitioning into the fall season, grocery store shelves are being stocked with all sorts of new candy for the Halloween season. For me, the worst candy of all will always be candy corn. I've never liked it, and I never will. Something I do love, though, is brunch. Apparently Brach's wanted to get all of us brunch-lovers on board the candy corn train, because they have released a bag on brunch-flavored candy corn. Yes, you read that right. Brunch. Flavored. Candy Corn. It's available exclusively at Target.

What are the three flavors? Well, I'm glad you asked! They are French toast and maple syrup, strawberry waffle, and chocolate-chip pancake.

According to the people at Popsugar, the inside of the bag smells a lot like a Yankee Maple Pancake Candle. That was the only thing everyone could agree on, though, because the candies got very mixed reviews. Some said they tasted just like their flavors, while others said they were much too sweet. Some people said they were pretty good, while others said pretty gross. I guess it just depends on your taste buds!

What do you think of this brunch-flavored candy corn? Would you try it? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!

[Via TIME]

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