Jason Aldean's wife Brittany disappointed her fans earlier this month stating that she wasn't going to do a maternity photo shoot with her second baby, claiming that she'd gotten a bit laxer with this pregnancy and let too much time go by. "I'm WAY past the 'cute' point," she lamented on social media.

Well, we (and everyone) would beg to differ on that last point, as Brittany caved and decided to do a shoot to commemorate carrying baby daughter Navy Rome. And, to nobody's surprise, the photos she's sharing on Sunday (Jan. 27) are way more than merely cute. They're stunning!

In one shot, Brittany poses casually dressed in an oversized sweater, with 1-year-old son Memphis by her side (also informal, hanging out in just a diaper). Both are laughing, and it's a sweet capture between mother and son.

In the second shot, Brittany looks starkly different, dressed severely and stylishly in all black. The photo is taken in black-and-white to show off the contrast.

Brittany and Jason announced the pregnancy of their second child together in summer of 2018. Navy Rome is the couple's first daughter, and she's expected sometime next month. Around the same time the Aldeans spread news of the new arrival to come, they also informed fans they'd be building a new dream house for their expanding family, which also includes Aldean's older daughters from his former marriage. They're currently setting up camp in a temporary house until their construction is done; they'll be there for about a year or so.

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