Friday night is the big 4th of July McGrath Music on the River Concert featuring Jamie Lynn Spears (Britney Spears younger sister) who is launching her country music career.  She has confirmed her Mom, Dad, and daughter will be here, but what about her famous sister who is off on the holiday?

We've asked, even pleaded, and as of this moment, we can assume Britney WILL be here... well, at least in spirit.  Check this video...with a surprise at the 2min mark.

So as long as Jamie Lynn plays Ms. Mississippi, she's bound to bring the Britney spirit to the stage, which crowds seem to love.  Here's more evidence.

Better supporting our hopes is the fact the relationship between the sisters is tight.  Did you know Jamie Lynn is featured on Britney's latest album, "Britney Jean", on the track "Chillin' With You"?

And Jamie's "I Look Up To You" is her tribute song to her sister.

Of course, as close as they are, Jamie might not remember all her big sister's lyrics...

So although nothing can be confirmed yet, we can always hope for a surprise, right? I mean Britney HAS to have seen Scott Steele's video by now, right?  We can guarantee one thing, if you don't get your tickets, you will definitely miss the moment if it does happen.  Crazy surprises have been known to happen in this town, so you never know...