Very few names right now draw the kind of ire here in the state of Iowa quite like Brian Ferentz. The offensive coordinator for the Iowa Hawkeye football team is in charge of what you might call an underperforming unit. Yes, this Iowa offense is bad. Last in the nation in offense kind of bad. Yesterday, Ferentz met the press and tried to keep the wolves at bay.

Iowa's offense is ranked dead last at 131st. The scoring offense is ranked 127th and that includes two defensive touchdowns! We're 122nd in third-down conversions. Abysmal numbers to Iowa fans, and as the Daily Iowan points out, they are unacceptable to Brian Ferentz too. Ferentz stated that it is hard to find one "root cause" for the offensive troubles. But one thing he did do yesterday was stand by his quarterback, Spencer Petras.

Iowa v Nebraska
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The Daily Iowan reports that Ferentz confirms Iowa will not be turning to backup quarterback Alex Padilla next week against #2 Ohio State. When asked what the downside was of playing Padilla, Ferentz's response was not exactly a glowing endorsement.


Ferentz went back to the old adage that we don't see the quarterback in practice, and when it comes to decisions, reads, and throws, Petras gives Iowa the best chance to win, according to the Daily Iowan. But it's hard not to wonder what Padilla might be able to do. The backup went 4-0 in games he played at least a half in. The team averaged 26 points in those games. But in the end, Ferentz stated that Spencer Petras gives Iowa the best chance to win. Fortunately for Iowa fans, they have another week to figure out if they're right.

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