When Brett Young took the stage at the Country in the Park event at West Windsor, N.J.'s Mercer County Park Festival Grounds July 8, fans were mesmerized by his cover of a 1995 single from Garth Brooks' Fresh Horses album, "She's Every Woman."

Young's spare, aching delivery of the song showed off his affecting voice, which he can bend and curve around a tune with emotional agility. It's hardly a wonder the crowd listened in near silence, as the combination of the composition and his vocals proved to be a perfect match. The song was co-written by Brooks with Victoria Shaw, whom the superstar also worked with to create 1992's hit "The River."

Young is slated to perform at a variety of festivals across the country this summer before serving as an opening act on the remainder of Thomas Rhett's 2018 Life Changes Tour that picks up on Sept. 13 in Bangor, Maine. He's also hard at work on his second studio album and is hoping to release a single from it toward the end of summer 2018.

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