Brett Eldredge has shared a beautiful music video for his take on the classic song "The First Noel," and while it isn't a traditionally cozy message of holiday cheer, its aesthetic speaks to possibly an even more important hallmark of the Christmas spirit. Readers can press play above to watch.

Eldredge's "The First Noel" video starts off with the country star walking into a church and singing a cappella, without any instrumental backup. As Eldredge continues to sing the holiday classic, his song acts as a beacon for all different types of people to come to the church, light a candle and find their peace.

As the song continues, more and more candles become noticeable, and the beauty of the church draped in candlelight is a sight to behold. The clip doesn't rely on flashy gimmicks or action scenes, but instead spotlights the enchantment of the setting and the power of the singer's voice.

Eldredge first released his Christmas album, Glow, in 2016. The singer shared a deluxe version of the collection earlier this year; "The First Noel" is Track No. 13 off of the Glow deluxe edition.

"I love Christmas music more than just about anything in the world," Eldredge explained in a press release. "The (sleigh) ride Glow has taken me on has been so much fun, so now we've decided to make it deluxe!"

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