2020 is nearly behind us. A fact that most of us celebrate each day! We've had enough of this year! Too many hardships and tough times. It has also been a rough year on the music industry too. The promise of an amazing year of live concerts and amazing shows was quickly snuffed out by COVID-19. Artists canceled tours. Crews lost jobs. Fans didn't get to see their favorite stars live. Yes, 2020 can leave anytime.

Artists reacted in different ways to the year 2020. Some went ahead and released full and amazing albums this year. Others, like Eric Church, just released a number of singles and the promise of an album at a later date. But despite the troubles of 2020, we were again blessed with some amazing music this year. I wanted to narrow down my list of favorite country songs to around 5, but ended up making a playlist of 11 instead. Here are the songs that I kept coming back to in 2020.

  • Sugar Coat - Little Big Town - Their album Nightfall is one of my favorites of the year. Very atmospheric and full of lush harmonies. This is one of the best track on that album.
  • More Than My Hometown - Morgan Wallen - Here is your next big superstar in Country music. This is one of my favorite songs we played on KHAK all year.
  • Sunday Drive - Brett Eldredge - This song about growing up, and then watching your parents grow older gets me every time.
  • Wild World - Kip Moore - Kip is country music's Springsteen. On this one, he's laid back Boss cool. I love the feel of this whole album.
  • Letting You Go - Jason Isbell - A song about watching your daughter grow up and then giving her away on her wedding day. Dads, just try not to cry. I dare you.
  • Redwood Tree - Cam - Another tune about watching your parents grow older, and yourself growing up.
  • Skeletons - Brothers Osborne - This whole album just plain rocks! The title track is among the best.
  • Long Walk - Brandy Clark - This song is like a polite middle finger to people who judge others. Clark is at the top of the songwriting game.
  • Hell of a View - Eric Church - The Chief released several great new songs this year. This one about relationships hits the closest for me.
  • Hang in There Girl - Ashley McBryde - Another country superstar in the making. This whole album is great, but this song just makes me feel so hopeful.
  • Betty - Taylor Swift - Proof that a return to her country roots would be easy! This is simple storytelling at it's finest.
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