If you see me coming out of Wal-Mart with a giant bottle of glue and a large box of borax, don't worry. O.K., maybe worry a little bit. It's likely that my daughters are on a slime binge. Yes, slime. The recipes are endless. Just head to Google or Youtube and you can find hundreds. My kids can't get enough!

The process for making slime is simple. The ingredients are inexpensive and easily accessible. My son Chase made some when he was younger, but this year Carly and Cayleigh have been bitten by the slime bug! They can't get enough of the stuff! They'll gather their ingredients, sit down at the table and bang out 3 or 4 batches of the stuff. I'm thinking about bottling it and selling 'KHAK Slime'. It's patent pending folks.

I have to give the girls credit. After helping them through the process the first time, they can make it on their own now. Mixing and measuring ingredients and adding their own colors and even glitter! Yes, it can get messy. But the end product is something that they play with all the time, and did I mention the ingredients are cheap?

Are your kids begging to make slime all the time? If you've never done it before I've included a video with 2 simple slime recipes. Remember to keep yours stored in a ziplock bag once you make it as slime will dry out quick! Have fun!

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