If your kids are anything like mine, they probably have a lengthy Christmas list. I'm pretty sure my daughter Cayleigh has amended hers at least once or twice. Every child has a Christmas wish list. But not every child gets something from that list. There are too many children in our listening area that won't get to experience the joy of opening gifts this holiday season. Last night, my daughter and her 4th-grade class changed that.

Cayleigh collected money in November so that she and her class could go shopping for a child in need. Other 4th grade classes at FMI in Marion did the same. We met at Wal-Mart in Marion last night and the kids got to go shopping for their respective child. We were given $208 and a list of likes and interests that the child had. With that, we were off and shopping!

It was great to see the kids want to make a child they'd never met happy. They tracked down items on the list, and we even were able to throw in some fun things that we thought a child his age would also use and like. In the end, we got two shopping carts full of items and spent all but eight cents of our allotted money.

After a quick picture with Mr. Collins, Cayleigh and I headed for home. She asked me if I thought the boy we were buying things for would have a good Christmas now. I said, "he sure will." Thanks to the generosity of others. Thanks to a great group of teachers and kids. We got to experience the true joy of the holidays on Monday. The real reason this season is so special. The joy of Giving.

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