KFC's newest way to push chicken to the masses. It's putting it between two glazed donuts. Yes,
Kentucky Fried Chicken and Donuts is a real thing. This weekend I let the ads get the best of me and decided I'd give this caloric abomination a try!

KFC serves you your chicken and donuts several different ways. You can get a basket with several chicken tenders and one or several glazed donuts. Or you can do what I did. Order it up as a sandwich! I got one for Chase and one for myself. The thing that caught my attention first was that these donuts were HOT. So hot in fact, that the glaze on top was melting and running all over. As expected, the sandwich tasted good. It's hard to argue with a large KFC chicken breast and two hot donuts.

Ryan Brainard
Ryan Brainard

But these things are filling! Chase and I couldn't even finish the whole thing. We each had the better part of one donut left. After we were done, Chase looked at me and said, "do you realize how many calories we just ate?" It's true, these things aren't for the faint of heart. Or anyone trying to be heart healthy. But if the urge strikes you, I can confirm that donuts and chicken go together just fine!

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