Halloween is over and the candy sales have just begun. For many of you reading this, so has your holiday shopping. And due to issues with our supply chain, I can't blame you for that. If you want to get all the items on that wish list this year, you're going to have to start shopping early. And while I may acknowledge that many of you can't wait for the holiday season to arrive, I have to stand up again for my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving. I'm used to Courtlin assaulting my favorite holiday, but yesterday someone in my own family tried to take turkey day away!

As we were coming home from the girl's state volleyball tournament last night, we got into a discussion about starting holiday shopping earlier than normal because of the problems with the supply chain. My 13-year-old daughter Carly then decided to start chipping away at Thanksgiving. Her mother warned her. "Careful, this is your dad's favorite holiday". Yes, it is. That was when Carly declared that it was just another day and that the meal between Pilgrims and Native Americans was no big deal. Ok, hang on here.

First of all, I'm not going to discuss or speculate on what the real first Thanksgiving was really like. I'm all about what this holiday means to me. Thanksgiving, in my humble opinion, means more to me because it hasn't been beaten over the head with trivial merchandising and commercialization. It is a day to gather with friends and family. Share some of the greatest foods we have to offer. Eat way too much. Watch some football. Take a nap. Eat some more. Watch more football. You get the idea.

But more than that, the day is a reminder to be thankful for what, and who, you have in your life. No matter how crappy a year you've had, and trust me, mine has been an all-timer, there are certain things you can still be thankful for. Family, friends, your health, your job, your co-workers. Take a moment to yourself and reflect on what you have, not on what you don't. That is why I love Thanksgiving.

Carly was pretty quiet the rest of the ride home. She'd just gotten the real lesson of Thanksgiving, which is, of course, not to cross your dad about his favorite holiday!

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