I love the fact that so many listeners know that I collect vinyl. They'll send me messages on Facebook and email about sales they saw online, or friends that are selling a collection. I've been able to find some nice albums that way. A friend notified me of a huge garage sale happening in Marion this weekend and they had a TON of vinyl. So I loaded up the girls on Saturday afternoon to check it out.

There were tons of records to go through. But, like I do at any record store or large sale, I check for specific records first. There is one record that has alluded me in my collecting. You very rarely ever even see one. That is an original mono version of the 1966 Beach Boys album Pet Sounds. I own a re-issue of the album from 2016, but I've always wanted an original. I'd never seen one at a sale. Until Saturday. I was stunned. Not only did they have one, but it was in great condition. After a bit of haggling, it was mine.

Ryan Brainard
Ryan Brainard

I took it home and played it immediately. A few scratches, but for a record that was 51 years old it sounded amazing. Why do I love Pet Sounds so much? Maybe it's the story behind the album. Perhaps it's the struggle that Brian Wilson went through in making it. It was the album that inspired so many, including The Beatles. Without Pet Sounds, there would be no Sgt. Pepper. Plus, owning the original mono version means that I'm hearing it the very way the Wilson wanted it to be heard. In the mid 60's, artists didn't care as much about the stereo mix as they did the mono version. Whenever I listened to my stereo mix of Pet Sounds on vinyl it just didn't feel right. This feels right.

So the search for my vinyl holy grail is over for now. A new record will have to take its place on my most wanted list.

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