Several weeks ago we had listeners call in their food combinations that they love, but other people think are gross. We got a lot of great suggestions and many of them included cottage cheese. Now I grew up eating cottage cheese as a kid and I feed it to my kids too. But I never really combine it with anything. Danielle has been taking some of these weird food combinations and making us eat them during 'Taste Bud Trivia'. This weeks was a very popular listener suggestion.

I'll admit that this didn't sound THAT gross when I first heard it. So when Danielle brought this into the studio I wasn't too worried. But I had no idea that I'd be HOOKED! I love this combo! I've had seconds already this morning! I'm going to the store to buy Doritos and cottage cheese on my way home! Thank you to all the listeners who suggested this. You have changed my life!


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