Last week I kept seeing the preview for a new show coming to Hulu called 'Castle Rock'. The series is based around the works and world of Stephen King. It's produced by noted director and producer J.J. Abrams. The trailer looked just like something I needed to watch. So I signed up for Hulu and got my one free week. I thought I'll just binge the whole thing in a week and then cancel before I get charged. Not so fast.

Unlike Netflix, that's not how Hulu rolls. I quickly discovered that only the first three episodes were available to watch. The remaining seven would come out on Wednesdays. But how many at a time? One per week? Am I on the hook for Hulu for seven more weeks? I decided to give the show a try. Maybe it would suck and I could cancel right away. It doesn't suck. It's exactly what I thought it would be.

'Castle Rock' is creepy and filled with mystery and dread. Just like a good Stephen King novel. And while the story itself is new, it does give nods to past King stories. Much of the story centers around Shawshank prison. There is a scene where you see an old newspaper clipping about a story involving a killer dog. Cujo anyone? But the real star through three episodes is the actor barely on screen thus far. Actor Bill Skarsgard is best known for his portrayal of Pennywise the Clown in 'It', also based on a Stephen King book. His mysterious, creepy character gives me chills everytime he's on screen. I'm still not sure what he's up to.

So congratulations Hulu. You got a new subscriber. But I'm guessing that was the plan all along. I can't wait until Wednesday for the next episode. But can I have more than one...please?

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