Growing up on a farm as a kid had it's advantages. My dad raised beef cattle so a steak dinner wasn't a rare thing at our house. And in the summer we had sweet corn. More than we could ever eat! We picked some for friends, ate some ourselves and then my parents would freeze the rest. I love sweet corn. We fixed the first corn of the year last night. We got some from my parents when we visited this weekend. I did some on the grill, and we did a few ears in the microwave. Nothing beats the first taste of sweet corn. That's what I blame this photo on.

Ryan Brainard
Ryan Brainard

Those are no the empty ears of corn from my entire family. Those are the ears of corn I ate. Yes...I ate 6 ears of corn, covered in butter and salt. And I'd do it again. Normally I can't eat that many in one sitting. But it was my first taste of sweet corn of the season! I was overcome by the power of corn. I have no regrets. Pick up some sweet corn soon and try it for yourself!


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