In the fight against the coronavirus pandemic, healthcare workers are on the front lines. Their knowledge, dedication, kindness, and selflessness in the midst of all this chaos has not gone unnoticed. That's why we kicked off a new segment called the 'Healthcare Hero of the Day' last Friday.

Each weekday around 6:45 a.m. we honor one of the many amazing healthcare workers here in eastern Iowa, post an honoree on the 98.1 KHAK Facebook page and mention them on the air throughout the day. It's just one small way we can support and recognize all their hard work.

Here is the first round of KHAK's 'Healthcare Hero of the Day' honorees:

  • 3/20 - Jerry Chapman
    • "I am nominating Jerry Chapman he is an Emergency Room RN at Mercy Medical Center in Cedar Rapids. He is the hardest working person I know, 75 years old and you would never guess it! From all of the 12 hour days he has been working he is the first to be at the front line to take on whatever and help whoever needs his help!"
    • Nominated by Bayli Chapman
  • 3/23 - Haley Thompson, RN at Mercy
    • "Haley is a very smart, devoted worker, she’s very serious and passionate about her job. Not only does she put her all into it every shift, she truly cares about her patients and has a connection with most of them. She’s not only my healthcare hero, I can promise her patients feel the same way. We need more nurses like Haley!"
    • Nominated by Dustin Malloy
  • 3/24 - Ashley Pasker
    • "Ashley is a truly selfless healthcare worker at Regional Family Health in Manchester. She has been spending countless hours with a team of experts implementing a plan for a surge in Coronavirus patients. She gives to help others even though it takes her away from her family. She is amazing at bringing out the best in each healthcare provider she works with, as well as the patients. Truly deserving of this award."
    • Nominated anonymously
  • 3/25 - Respiratory Care Department at St. Luke's Hospital
    • "I am lucky enough to work with the most caring individuals in healthcare. The therapists are on the front lines every day caring for the sickest patients and are often overlooked. They take care of the smallest babies to the oldest patients and do it with compassion and caring. They deserve to be recognized for the care they give unselfishly every day. They are the ones you want in the room with you when things go bad. They are the best!!"
    • Nominated by Kris Albert
  • 3/26 - Nicole Reittinger, RN at Medical Associates Acute Care
    • "Nicole is one of the most caring, hardworking women I know. Not only is she working overtime right now, but she also has 2 kids and a myself to take care of. I'm gone from the house a lot so she also gets the kids up and ready for daycare and picks them up, feeds them, bathes them, and keeps everything running smoothly in the house. With what we have going on right now with this virus people are cutting back on working hours, but not her. She is working more hours with more chances of catching this virus. I thank her and love her. Thanks again to all nurses, especially my wife."
    • Nominated by Eric Reittinger
  • 3/27 - Nicole Vaske
    • "Nicole is my sister and the nurse manager at the Guttenburg Hospital. She has always been one of the hardest working people I know, often putting in extra hours and filling in on short-staffed shifts. She has been putting in even more over time with extra meetings prepping their hospital and staff for potential COVID19 patients, all while being pregnant with her first baby, due April 24th! It is such a stressful time and she continues to take care of work even though it puts herself at risk. Nicole is truly the best nurse ever."

Nominate a deserving healthcare worker in your life HERE!

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