A furry friend stopped by the K-Hawk studio this morning for another edition of Brain & Courtlin's favorite segment, Furry Friday!

Kimberly from Safe Haven of Iowa County brought in Roxy. Roxy is a sweet 9-year-old boxer-mix that is looking for a forever home. She is well behaved, can sit and shake, and comes equipped with a built in smile. Roxy loves everyone she meets (humans and animals) and she would make a great companion. Roxy will be undergoing surgery for a CCL tear, but could be ready to be a part of your family in a few weeks.

Brain and Courtlin got to experience Roxy's sweetness first hand. See for yourself in the video below.

For information on how to adopt Roxy, contact Safe Haven of Iowa County on Facebook, wesavepets.com, or at adoption@wesavepets.com.

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