It's the moment you've all been waiting for!

Actually, I think it's the moment WE'VE been waiting for. Today is Halloween, which means Brain and I FINALLY get to reveal the couples costume we've been planning for the last month.

So here's how things went down: About a month ago, Brain and I took to Facebook to ask for your best costume suggestions. We got some really good ones (some that I even wrote down for next year), but I also did a little internet research of my own. I came across a very clever costume on Pinterest and it was just too good to pass up. I told Brain about it, he loved it, and that was that. But then, everything changed.

We went over to Balloons Etc in Downtown Cedar Rapids to get my costume, and while we were there, we joked around about Brain trying it on just for fun. It turned out that the costume fit him better than it fit me. That's when we decided to swap. That very same day I went to Target to secure my costume, and Halloween 2018 was finalized.

I present to you: Taco Belle

Jaymz Larson
Jaymz Larson
Jaymz Larson

Out of all our costumes so far, this one is easily my favorite. And Brain had a lot of fun trying it on, as you can see in this series of videos:

We hope you enjoyed our 2018 costume as much as we did! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!