Mayor Corbett is encouraging citizens to shop at local businesses that have been closed over the past few weeks due to flooding, and we are happy to help!

Things are finally getting back to normal in the city of Cedar Rapids, with most of the restaurants, shops, and other businesses in town opening back up after a few weeks off. Those few weeks off mean a lot to these businesses, though, and a lot of them have a ton of catching up to do. Because of this, Mayor Corbett has offered up a challenge to the city of Cedar Rapids: shop local. Throughout the month of October, the Mayor want citizens to visit 10 local businesses that were impacted by the flood, and 15 if you're a part of the bicycling community. We here at Townsquare Media are very eager to help out some of these amazing places, especially since many of them are our downtown neighbors. Brain and I have both vowed to commit to the challenge, and I started today with breakfast from a restaurant right here in our building: Prairie Soup.


That's one business down, nine to go! I would like to stop at some of my favorite places, like Parlor City, Newbo City Market, Need Pizza, White Star, Sag Wagon, and Raygun, but I would also like to try out a few places I've never been, especially Tornado's and the other businesses that were not protected by the HESCO barriers. By the way, Raygun is actually doing something pretty cool. Proceeds from certain shirt sales will be going towards flood recovery:

For information on what businesses are open, click HERE.

[Via CBS 2]

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