This is it, folks! We have arrived at the month of November, the FINAL month of Listener Lunch for this year!

Each year, we take the month of December off off Listener Lunch because of the busy holiday season. That means we only have four more lunches to enjoy in 2023! We are saying goodbye to Runt's Munchies, and saying hello to...

Chrome Horse Saloon!

Much like Runt's Munchies, we love eating at Chrome Horse in Cedar Rapids because of the big menu. There are SO many great options! Some of our favorite things to order include the nachos, the spinach artichoke dip, the brunch burger, the chicken tortilla soup, the Road King Salad, and the pizza. We've had plenty of awesome meals there in the past, as you can see from the photos below:

If you and six of your coworkers would like to join us for one of our final Listener Lunches in 2023, make sure you get signed up ASAP! If chosen, we will call you on a Friday morning to confirm you can make it, and then take you out to eat at Chrome Horse on a chosen Tuesday at 11:30 a.m. You can sign up to win lunch with us HERE.

If your work schedule doesn't allow for you to join us for Listener Lunch, no worries! Each Wednesday morning in November we will give you a chance to win a $50 gift card to Chrome Horse Saloon. Be listening for your opportunity to call in and win!

We hope to see you this month!

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