We wanted to do something extra special for Mother's Day this weekend, so Brain and I both wrote surprise letters to our moms and read them live on the air.

It's impossible to repay our moms for everything they've done for us throughout our lives, but this year for Mother's Day we tried the best we could. Instead of having our moms on the show to answer questions or do some funny bit, we decided to do something for THEM. We took the time to write our moms heartfelt letters and read them to them live on the air. The best part? They had no idea. We told them we would be calling them, but they had no idea why. I think it made them a little nervous, but once we told them we would be doing all the work, they were cool with it. As expected, things got a little emotional. Here's the audio from our 'Letters to Mom' bit. We hope you enjoy it:

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