It's always an honor when somebody names something after you.

Last week, Brain and I got a very interesting phone call while we were in the studio. We were informed by a listener that there is now another "Brain & Courtlin" in the universe. The interesting part was, she wasn't referring to humans...

Karen Baines shared a photo with us on Facebook of some baby homing pigeons, which she named after us! She says she was sick of the Doctor Who names, so she decided to go with something a little different. We found this to be awesome, and also totally hilarious. We're pigeons!

We asked Karen about homing pigeons, because neither of us had any idea what they were. Here's a little bit of info about the little guys:

"These (unexpected) babies are approx. 12-14 days old in these pictures. They are homing pigeons. Homing pigeons make good racer pigeons, however, we do not race ours. Ours are more for our love of animals of all kinds, and to have their freedom to fly, but yet, have a place where they have a constant source of food and shelter. Homer/Racer pigeons can travel over 1,000 miles. They will be picked up via semi and taken to one location and set free all at the same time. They are then timed from the release until they return to their home lofts. Babies are born with only yellow fuzz and their blood feathers come in about 2 weeks (which is what you see in the pictures). The babies won’t fledge (fly) until they are 7 weeks old when all their feathers are in under their wings."

So, there you have it! Brain and I are now pigeons. Thanks for thinking of us, Karen!

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