Our 'Hometown Tour' is back on! We took last month off, but this Friday our visits to smaller towns continue with a trip to Anamosa.

Anamosa is an extra-special stop on our tour because it's Brain's actual hometown. He grew up there on his parent's farm, where they still live to this day. I've been to the family farm once, but other than that I have never experienced the city of Anamosa! I'm very excited for Brain to give me the full tour!

If you live in or near Anamosa, stop by and see us this Friday, August 25th. We will be broadcasting live from Grounds & Goodies, located at 112 E Main Street. Grounds & Goodies is a local coffee shop that opened back in 2007, and they will be opening their doors early for us at 6 a.m. on Friday. Come have some breakfast, win some prizes, and see us do a live morning show from 6-9 a.m.! And don't forget: we have KHAK t-shirts and those new boot koozies that you can ONLY get at our live events!

If you would like to see us in your hometown, leave your suggestion for us in the comments!

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