It's kind of insane to think about, but the month of July has officially come to an end. I know, crazy right? The end of July means the end of our Listener Lunch run at P.H.A.T. Daddy's in Amana, but it also means we get to visit a new location for the month of August. I'll give you one hint as to where it's at:

That's right, we are going to be eating ALL the Cheddar Bay Biscuits our body can handle at Red Lobster in Cedar Rapids!

We will be enjoying all things seafood at 163 Collins Rd NE at 11:30 a.m. every Tuesday in August. If you and your coworkers would like to join us, it's super easy to get signed up! All you have to do is click HERE.

As I recall, I've only visited Red Lobster once in my entire life, but I've had the biscuits about a billion times thanks to the mix they sell at the grocery store. I'm excited to finally try some of their other options. Brain, on the other hand, has eaten at this Red Lobster so many times that he actually developed gout. We can't wait to see if it happens again! Until then, here are some photos to keep you busy:

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