I don't do Starbucks very often. I didn't even get a Pumpkin Spice drink this fall. But when I saw a picture of the new Zombie Frappuccino I thought to myself, why not?

First, the appearance. The drink itself is green with some creme on top that reminds me of 'brains'! The drizzle looks like 'blood' don't you think? It's an appealing look which is why many people order them. They look great when you feature its picture on your social media page.

But what about the taste? The frappuccino itself is green apple flavored with caramel flavor thrown in too. Yes, it's a caramel apple! The drizzle is mocha flavored and overall I thought that it worked great together. Would I want one every day? No, but it's a fun seasonal treat.

Now, these are only available through Halloween, October 31st. But at the Starbucks I visited yesterday, they said if they run out of ingredients the Zombie Frap might disappear sooner! Get one....if you dare!


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