People often say that my son Chase and I look a lot alike. I get it. We both wear glasses so we have that in common. But I never realized how close the resemblance was until we did our back to school blog yesterday.

As part of the blog, we shared back to school photos from our past. I shared one from kindergarten and one from 6th grade. That's the same grade Chase started this week. So naturally, Holly took his picture and sent it to me yesterday. The side by side comparison is crazy.Yes, there are the glasses. But the smile is the same. Similar haircuts. I have to admit that Chase is a better-looking kid at this age than I was. Even though you can't tell in Chase's photo, we both have very long legs. Why do mine seem so long though? I'm like a baby giraffe!

Ryan Brainard
Ryan Brainard

Genetics was a favorite subject of mine in school. It was always amazing to me to see two people with brown eyes have a child with blue eyes. How did it happen? Recessive genes people! Then when you have kids of your own it's amazing to see parts of you and parts of your spouse show up in their features. They might have your eyes and your spouse's smile. Or look at their toes! They may have two of your toes, and three of your wive's!

When I look at my kids, I see the best of what Holly and I had to offer. They are the best parts of both of us. Will Chase always look this close to me? Perhaps. Let's just hope he gets to keep his hair.