Some vacations are relaxing getaways. Some are exciting adventures to someplace new. Later this week, my family is taking off on a trek to the great Northwest. Holly's brother and his wife live in Seattle. So we're off the to see the Space Needle and Mount Rainier!

It's been awhile since I've been to the West Coast. My parents took us on a trip to California back when I was in junior high. We did Disney, hit the beach, and visited relatives in the Los Angeles area. Since then the furthest west I've been would be Colorado for my honeymoon, and then two years ago we visited the Black Hills and Mount Rushmore. I'm excited to visit a part of the country I've never seen before.

We have some things planned of course. We're going to see the Space Needle and the famous fisherman's wharf area. We're also going to do some hiking to take in some of the amazing natural scenery in the area too. I literally can't wait to get there. That is if the trip doesn't kill me.

You see, we're DRIVING to the West Coast. We checked into airfare and it was just too expensive this time around. So we have a very nice, new van rented and on Friday night we begin our drive. Including the dog. What could possibly go wrong? For those you have visited the Seattle area, I'd love to hear some suggestions of things you think we should see when we're out there. I'll make sure and share my experience when I get back!

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