As long as I've been at KHAK, there have been Valentines For Vets. And each year we ask you to make homemade valentines for hospitalized veterans in Iowa City, you step up and deliver! Courtlin and I delivered a huge amount of valentines to Iowa City on Wednesday, and the veterans who got them were genuinely touched to receive them.

After sorting some valentines at volunteer services, we headed out to spread some love and say thank you. We visited veterans who were inpatients and weren't sure when they would go home. We stopped up to the floor where veterans were undergoing chemotherapy due to cancer. After we explained where the valentines were from, each veteran expressed thanks. For the kids that made them, and for those who take the time to deliver them. Many of these vets just want someone to talk to. To share their life's experiences. Each one we met yesterday had a story to share, about their service or something amazing they'd done in their life. It was inspiring and humbling to be in their presence.

Another thing that many of the patients noted was the level of care they receive. Many travel from long distances and are grateful for the care they get at the Iowa City VAHCS. And much of that wouldn't be possible without the help of some 500 volunteers at the hospital. Many of those people are veterans themselves.

It's an amazing place filled with brave people who have given everything in service of their country. Thank you again to our amazing listeners for your homemade valentines that honor them. It is the least we can do to say thank you. No group of people deserves Valentine's love more.

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