Each year I'm amazed at the number of Valentines for Vets we get. This year was no different. It's always a great feeling driving to the VA Hospital in Iowa City and unloading a huge number of valentines.

The best moments are when we get to deliver them to veterans. We got to stop by some inpatient rooms at the hospital and visit with some veterans who were receiving treatment. We talked with Gene, a Korean War vet who was getting chemo for spinal cancer. You could tell that he loved sharing stories about his life. He told us about how he was shot during the war. He spoke about his kids. He was grateful for the valentine and the recognition.

Perhaps the most emotional moment of our visit was when we handed out valentines in a waiting area. One gentleman, clearly becoming emotional, repeated how grateful he was for his valentine. That is why we do Valentines for Vets.

A huge thank you to everyone who made valentines this year! Also, thank you to the Hy-Vee floral departments on Edgewood Road and Mt Vernon Road for being drop off locations this year!

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