It certainly is a good time to be Max Landis. The screenwriter who made his mark with Josh Trank’s indie sci-fi hit Chronicle recently sold his Bright script to Netflix for $3 million, with David Ayer attached to direct. And now he’s in the midst of another potentially huge deal as Bradley Cooper has come aboard Landis’ spec for Deeper, a sci-fi drama that’s sparked a bidding war between major studios.

The Wrap reports that Cooper is attached to star in Deeper, which basically sounds like an underwater version of The Martian with potential supernatural / mystical elements. Cooper will star as a troubled astronaut who embarks on a perilous journey into a recently discovered oceanic trench. Believed by some scientists to be the lowest point on the planet, Cooper sets out to reach the bottom of the trench, where he’s besieged by “mysterious forces” along with increasing physical and psychological distress.

Deeper will be directed by Kornel Mundruczo, who previously helmed the Hungarian drama White God. Landis’ spec is reportedly expected to generate another seven-figures for the screenwriter, who recently made his directorial debut with Me Him Her.

In addition to Deeper, Landis’ spec for Bright recently sold to Netflix for a whopping $90 million, with the writer making $3 million for his part. The sci-fi buddy-cop action flick reunites Suicide Squad director David Ayer with Will Smith. Landis is also scripting the BBC’s Dirk Gently miniseries starring Elijah Wood, and did some work on the screenplay for the upcoming Power Rangers film.

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