The City of Cedar Rapids will conduct its annual urban deer hunt starting Saturday, September 14.

The special bow hunting only season will run through January 10, 2020.

The purpose is to thin the deer herd in urban populations within the city limits.

Deer populations in residential areas can be particularly troublesome for homeowners and motorist alike. The photo in this blog was snapped on a residential street within the city limits on the southeast side of Cedar Rapids.

Hunting permits are required and will be issued to those who complete a one-time-only eight-hour bow hunters safety course, followed by attendance at the urban deer hunt rules and regulations class. Other qualifications also apply.

City-owned property is not available for hunting, and hunters must receive proper written authorization from landowners to hunt on their property.

Landowners who are looking for hunters to harvest deer off their property can contact the urban deer hunt program manager at the City of Cedar Rapids website.

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