It's official! Both of our Iowa ladies on season 20 of 'American Idol' have made it through the first round of Hollywood Week!

I think any 'American Idol' contestant will tell you that one of the most stressful parts of being on the show is Hollywood Week. Over 100 contestants that got a 'Golden Ticket' at their initial audition are thrown together in one place to compete for one of the few coveted spots on the live shows. Last night (March 28th) was the very first episode of Hollywood Week, and each singer had to take part in what's called the 'Genre Challenge.' According to Gold Derby:

"Each contestant has identified the genre that best represents them as an artist: Indie-Folk, Pop, Rock, R&B, Soul or Country. The singers choose their own genre and song before singing head-to-head against singers in the same genre."

Although they weren't prominently featured on last night's episode, we're happy to report that both Sam Moss of Winterset, Iowa and Haley Myles of Cedar Rapids made it through the Genre Challenge! We didn't find out their fates until the last 15 minutes of the episode, but a quick clip revealed that Sam and Haley were among the singers to move on to the second round. Both ladies posted about their success on social media last night, with Sam writing on Instagram:

"I made it to the next round!


Haley shared a couple of photos from Hollywood Week on Facebook with a similar caption:

Both women will go on to compete next week in the second round of Hollywood Week: DUETS. We can't wait to see how they do! Tune in next Sunday and Monday night on ABC to see what happens.

You can hear our interviews from last week with Sam and Haley HERE.

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