Hollywood Week is right around the corner on American Idol, with two Iowa women holding golden tickets. During our chats with Sam Moss and Haley Myles, we learned much more about their unique audition processes and helped reveal that they had much more in common than America realized.

If you haven't seen the audition of Winterset, Iowa native Sam Moss, you can see it below.

During Brain and Courtlin's chat with Sam this week, she talked about how she was actually invited to re-audition on American Idol after an earlier audition didn't go so well.

Katy Perry was the only one of the three judges who said "Yes" to a Hollywood ticket for Sam the first time around. Turns out, Sam herself wasn't real thrilled about that first audition. When she came back, she promised herself it would be different. Obviously, Sam took full advantage of her second chance. The shirt that Katy had specially-made, and wore on the show, was given to Sam. She says her dad immediately framed it.

The biggest news of all during the the time Brain and Courtlin talked to Sam is that she was also pregnant during her auditions in Austin, Texas and Nashville, Tennessee. However, she hadn't told anyone yet... not even her family. Sam's now just over seven months pregnant and says she expects to give birth to a baby girl around the time of the American Idol finale in May. Congratulations, Sam! You can hear her full interview with Brain and Courtlin below.

As we told you before she appeared on television last weekend, Haley Slaton (now Haley Myles) of Cedar Rapids was also pregnant when she auditioned on American Idol. Her son Jaelyn was born on January 20, two months to the day before her appearance on last Sunday night's American Idol.

Haley also met her future husband, Jordan, at her audition in Austin, Texas. It truly was a life-changing day.

During her audition, judges had Haley sing two different times. Katy Perry, especially, understood that with Haley being 5 1/2 months pregnant at the time, hitting some notes were more difficult for her than other competitors. When Brain and Courtlin talked to Haley she discussed how the audition went down and talked about her relationship with her fellow Iowa contestant, Sam Moss. The full interview is below.

Now that you know more about what you didn't see on television, here's what American Idol watchers did see:

This morning, we learned that former contestant Lauren Alaina will be part of Hollywood Week on American Idol on Monday, March 28. We know you'll be tuning in to KCRG TV-9 along with us to cheer on both Sam and Haley.

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