Casey's almost 17-weeks-old now and has more than doubled in size since we got him. They grow up so fast.

I'm often asked, 'How's that puppy doing?' The next question is invariably, 'Did you ever find Cooper?' It's joy and sadness for me, each time. Today, though, I'm focusing totally on the joy and Casey has given us plenty.

Casey weighed a whopping five-and-a-half pounds when we got him the second weekend in November. I weigh him each Saturday and typically he gains about a half-pound a week. This past weekend, the scale couldn't decide if he weighed 11 1/2 or 12 pounds. Either way, he's obviously grown a lot.

Here's just some of the multitude of photos we've taken since we picked him up, two months ago today.

As you can see, our youngest cat Charlie, who's only 15-months-old, became fast friends with Casey. They were laying next to each other sleeping within days and their games are nearly non-stop. I still think Charlie deserves wrestling back points for this incredible takedown:

It should be noted that Casey always turns his butt to Charlie as a first line of defense.

Casey can now sit, stay, shake, and lay down, thanks to puppy classes. This week, there was also a little playtime.

He's given us so much joy in the last two months and we know it's only the beginning.

Julie James
Julie James

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