We've only had him three days, but he's already brought us an incredible amount of joy... and a few challenges.

We picked up Casey Saturday morning from a breeder near Des Moines and he quickly became the star of the show everywhere he went. We stopped by the Coralville Petco Saturday and everybody wanted to pet him. When he arrived home, needless to say, he drew a lot of attention, especially from our youngest cat Charlie.

Charlie and Cooper were big-time buds as this video from several months ago makes very clear.

Charlie wasn't sure what to think when a puppy, inside a cat carrier, smaller than him arrived. He cautiously approached, but by that first night, they were already playing chase in the basement. A couple of swats to Casey's head from Charlie's declawed front paws helped calm Casey's excitement a bit. However, it didn't last long. By last night, they were using the cat scratching post as a play time barrier.

We decided on the name Casey because it's said to mean watchful and brave. I haven't found anything that scares him yet, but he needs to work on the watchful part. He sleeps a lot. Then again, he IS a puppy.

Yes, there have been a few accidents and our house looks like it's been hit by a tornado. It really is like having a baby in the house except this one arrived mobile meaning you literally can't take your eyes off him for a second. Still it's been three joy-filled days at our house, with many more to come.

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