One of the things I enjoy in the Fall & Winter time is feeding the outside wild life. A lot of people like myself enjoy feeding the birds, but some are not to keen on feeding the squirrels. I don't mind feeding the squirrels...hey, the squirrels got to eat too.

One of our bird feeders that the squirrels can't get to is pictured above. Some of the nasty wind gust we had earlier this week cause this feeder to fall and break the bottom open. Not being the type that will just throw something away before it's time, I decided to put my racecar repair to good use. In the photo below, I cut out a 5" piece of leftover aluminum from my racecar and with 8 pop rivets, it was back to good as new. The cardinals didn't even mind that it was repaired using Chicago Cub blue.

Happy New Year Center Point Wildlife!

photo by Bobby
photo by Bobby

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