Who wouldn't want what Gwen Stefani got Blake Shelton for his birthday? Well, actually ... we've got some questions. During this week's birthday-themed episode of That's What She Said, host Ania Hammar asks what you might be thinking.

Basically, why?

If you're just catching up, Stefani and Shelton celebrated the "I Lived It" singer's 42nd birthday on a plane, helicopter and boat, which gave him a perfect opportunity to show off a pretty hot Dad shirt. Oh, and his girlfriend got him a flagpole.

Actress Nicole Kidman also celebrated a birthday this week, too, and while it's not clear what Keith Urban got her, we do know he sang to her. The "Coming Home" singer had help from several thousand fans in Wisconsin on Tuesday. It was a highlight moment of his headlining slot at Country USA in Oshkosh, Wisc.


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