It was tough on Saturday to sit and watch Iowa State play football, and know that the Iowa Hawkeyes don't even get to have a season. The Big Ten canceled its season back on August 11th due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. I have to admit, at the time I understood the move and fully expected more football conferences to follow suit. But few others did. Now, the Big Ten is wondering if they made the right move.

On Sunday, eight Big Ten presidents and chancellors met to receive updated medical information and other presentations that could lead to a return to play, according to ESPN. Yesterday was the second major meeting this weekend in an effort to return to play this fall. ESPN reports that Sunday's meeting did NOT end up with a vote. One is expected though in the next few days. At least nine of the sixteen schools must approve the return to play plan.

ESPN reports that Sunday's meeting dealt with new testing procedures available including the new rapid test which could be given daily to players. Also discussed was the latest on myocarditis, a viral inflammation in and around the heart. The condition was found in a number of Big Ten athletes that had been diagnosed and then recovered from COVID-19.

A decision to return to play needs to happen quickly. If the Big Ten votes to resume in October, the league could more than likely get 8 conference games in and then still be eligible for the College Football Playoff. Six Big Ten teams appeared in the AP Preseason College Football Poll.

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