After a to be polite, tumultuous few weeks, it looks like Big Ten football might be back this year.
Let's rewind to August 5th, when the Big Ten announced their new Fall Schedule:

Then, roughly a week later, commissioner Kevin Warren announces that the football season would be canceled. Not postponed. Canceled.

He even wrote an open letter to the Big Ten community about the decision:

Meanwhile, the PAC-12 agreed to cancel their season but the ACC, BIG 12, and the SEC said that they would host conference play.

This made fans and especially parents of the BIG 10 conference a little upset. Players made statements.  A protest outside of BIG 10 headquarters in Rosemont was organized. A grammatically incorrect letter from Nebraska parents was drafted.


And now we have word that the conference might be leaning back into playing the season.

The way this conference has been leaking news, I'm sure there will be many more developments throughout the weekend.

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