The latest fight between beer giants Anheuser Busch and MillerCoors continues to be over corn syrup. And that fight has officially gone to court.

A federal judge on Wednesday ordered Anheuser Busch to stop using Bud Light packages that imply rival beer made by MillerCoors contain corn syrup. The court order extends an injunction from May that blocked Anheuser Busch from making the claim in TV, print, and billboard advertising.

I'm sure you've seen the packaging. Bud Light 12 and 24 packs include the phrase 'No Corn Syrup' in bold letters. It then invites customers to visit a website where it lists its ingredients. Bud Light is brewed with water, barley, rice, and hops. So what is the problem in the ads? While MillerCoors uses corn syrup in the fermentation process for both Miller Lite and Coors Lite, neither beer CONTAINS corn syrup.

In the decision reached yesterday, Anheuser Busch can use the current packaging until it runs out, or March of 2020, whichever comes first.

[via CBS2]

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