Online food delivery service GrubHub figured out the foods that Democrats and Republicans agree on... and which ones they don't.

It seems like my entire Facebook newsfeed is a constant battle between liberals and conservatives. We need to all take a second to put down our weapons and talk about something we all love, and that would be food. GrubHub took a look at 187 congressional districts and analyzed their bulk ordering patterns. Then TIME did a whole bunch of fancy math and figured out which foods are more republican and which ones are more democrat. There are some foods that transcend all politics, and here are the top 10 of those bipartisan foods:

  1. Spicy salmon roll
  2. Bacon cheeseburger
  3. Shrimp and broccoli
  4. Spicy tuna roll
  5. Lemon chicken
  6. Chicken and broccoli
  7. Panang curry
  8. Rainbow roll
  9. Chicken biryani
  10. Alaska roll

Here are the foods that are considered "republican:"

  1. Sweet and sour chicken
  2. Cannoli
  3.  Brownie
  4. Egg Roll
  5. Boneless wings
  6. Lo Mein
  7. Sesame chicken
  8.  Gyro
  9. Calzone
  10.  Mozzarella stick

And here are the foods considered more "democrat:"

  1. Massaman curry
  2.  Veggie burger
  3. Summer roll
  4.  Guacamole
  5. Pancake
  6. Green curry
  7. Burrito
  8. Turkey burger
  9.  Basil fried rice
  10.  Avocado salad

Based on these lists alone, would you say you're more of a democrat or a republican? Let us know in the comments!

[Via TIME]