By now it's safe to say that most, if not all of us, have got our Christmas trees up and decorated. No doubt that probably included many strands of wonderfully colored Christmas tree lights strung through out your tree. Here's a simple question. How do you string your lights? I didn't know we had options! Holly loves doing the lights on our tree. She wraps them around the entire thing and probably used 6 strands this year. It turns out there may be an easier way.

If your tree is like most, you save the best decorations and ornaments for the show side, or front, of your tree. You simply don't place as many ornaments in back where people can't see them anyway. According to some, the same can go for your strands of lights! An idea gaining momentum on social media is hanging your lights vertically, instead of wrapping them all the way around.

A Fox News article says that decorating experts say hanging your lights this way not only saves your from wasting lights on the back of your tree, but it also allows the bulbs to sit closer to the edge of the branches for a better sparkle factor! Experts also claim that it makes the lights a lot easier to take down at the end of the season too.

The trend has caught fire this year thanks to a Tik Tok video that has been viewed millions of times. You can check it out HERE, and decide for yourself! How do you hang your Christmas tree lights?

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