We're still a few months away from Avengers: End Game (108 days...but who's counting?) but in the meantime, we still have some superhero movies to hold us over. Captain Marvel is on her way, and over in the DC Universe, Aquaman has officially made his solo debut.

Fans are swimming to the theaters to see it, mostly because of the titular character. Aquaman is played by Jason Momoa, a man who movie fans quickly started swooning over.

You might know him from Game of Thrones – it shot him up to stardom pretty quickly. But at heart, he's an Iowan. He was raised in Norwalk, Iowa and still has family out here. In fact, his family is what brought him back over the weekend.

Yes, Aquaman was in Iowa this weekend visiting his grandmother (cue swooning). He posted the proof on Instagram, in some seriously adorable photos.

So if you were out that way and thought you saw someone who looked just like Jason Momoa...well, you did!

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