The pandemic and the derecho have caused another Cedar Rapids restaurant to close for good. According to their official Facebook page, Foxhole "Charlie" Bar & Grill will be open no later than April 3rd. The restaurant, located at 621 Center Point Rd NE, made the announcement late last week. The post reads:

"First and foremost, the Freedom Foundation’s very existence (mission) is to serve our veterans in need, and we can no longer continue a venture that does not provide a return to that mission."

Unfortunately, Foxhole “Charlie” Bar & Grill was short-lived. The Freedom Foundation-run restaurant postponed their 2020 opening from the spring to the summer because of COVID-19, and then after opening in July, they suffered damage in the derecho just a few weeks later. They were finally able to reopen in December, but the challenges proved to be too much for the business to handle.

Foxhole "Charlie" is located in the same building as the Max Betenbender Military Exhibition Hall, which will also be closing next month. If you happened to donate any items to the exhibition hall and you'd like them back, the Freedom Foundation is asking that you contact them with a "detailed list" as soon as possible. You can reach them via phone at 319-826-2010 or at their email:

Foxhole "Charlie" isn't the only casualty of the pandemic. Other restaurants that have closed this past year include White Star Ale House (although the bar still remains open), the downtown La Cantina Bar & GrillPopoli Ristorante & Sullivan’s Bar, and gumption. Please continue to support locally-owned restaurants as we navigate through these next few months!

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