Here's your feel-good story of the week!

Once upon a time, there was a man from Iowa named Dale Schroeder. He worked as a carpenter in Des Moines for 67 years, and since he never married, didn't have any kids and didn't spend much money on himself, he saved nearly 3 MILLION DOLLARS over the course of his life. What did he do with that money? He used it to send some kids to college.

Dale died in 2005, but before he passed, he went to a lawyer friend of his, and he helped him set up a scholarship fund for kids who couldn't afford to go to college. Dale had always wished he went to college, but he grew up poor and couldn't afford to go when he was young. That inspired him to assist other kids who grew up in Iowa small towns that wanted to attend college but were not financially able.

You'll be happy to know that Dale's money went to good use. It paid for 33 complete strangers to go to college, and those strangers call themselves "Dale's Kids." The entire group of them got together last weekend to discuss how Dale, a man none of them ever even met, totally transformed their lives. Since none of them can pay Dale back for his incredible deed, all that they're asked to do is emulate his generosity and pay it forward.

You can watch the video on Dale and his "kids" HERE.

[Via KCCI]

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